Brunkeberg ventures into a strategic Partnership with Smulders of Belgium, WITH extensive experience in international steel construction.


For Brunkeberg, this partnership opens up access to resources such as scalable production capacity, product development, project management, expertise in safety and ISO Certifications which we need for our large projects. We are thrilled about the opportunities. - says Henrik Ljungdahl CEO of Brunkeberg Systems AB

We are always on the lookout for innovation in the construction industry. Brunkeberg has developed truly disruptive technology and we see many synergies that will benefit our clients. -  Patrick Maes, Technical Director at Smulders.

Brunkeberg and Smulders plan to build a new training facility in Arendonk, Belgium. This facility will be dedicated for demonstrations, and mock-ups for Brunkeberg projects.  It will also be used for training and certification of construction staff.

At this facility, we will invite clients to try out our equipment such as mini-cranes, containers, material distribution systems and automated cleaning equipment.” says Henrik Ljungdahl.


About Smulders

Smulders is an international steel construction company with a proven track record in the engineering, construction, supply and assembly of heavy, technical complex and architectonic steel constructions. Smulders have over 900 employees working across different locations in Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Poland the Middle East and India, offering more than 50 years of experience. Smulders is a member of Eiffage Group, an international construction company with 64 000 employees. Thanks to its international experience, Smulders are masters all the elements involved in steel constructions.

Their extensive list of references proves their case.

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About Brunkeberg Systems

Brunkeberg is a Swedish construction logistics company committed to refinement and creation of construction technologies. Together with our partners we innovate and develop systems that improve the efficiency and safety during the lifespan of buildings.

The Brunkeberg® System adds vertical rails to the facade of the building, providing a method for faster, safer panel installation, and material handling on the construction site. The vertical rails also enables safe installation of double size panorama windows, automated cleaning and many other features. 


For more information, contact:

Henrik Ljungdahl, CEO Brunkeberg Systems

+46 70 245 68 91

Patrick Maes, Technical Director, Smulders

+32 14 672 281