Miami High Rise flyer

The Brunkeberg System will be featured in the section for the future of tall buildings at the Miami High Rise exhibition, arranged by Miami School of Architecture from 29 Sept to 12 December 2017. Visitors will enjoy interactive exploration of the high-rise phenomenon through Augmented Reality, sensorial technologies and internet-based mapping applications, and be shown new technologies for high-rise construction.'

Miami High Rise

September 29, 2017 - December 12, 2017
The Miami Center for Architecture Design
100 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33132

LINK: Miami High Rise: A Tropical Metropolis


Miami High Rise: 
Coming of a Tropical Metropolis 

The University of Miami School of Architecture (U-SOA) and RAD-UM invite you to celebrate the Magic City’s spectacular conquest of the skies. With an emphasis on historic legacy and future opportunities, the interactive exhibition documents Miami’s development through the lens of typological, stylistic and technological mutations in the architecture of the tall building.

From the Downtown boom of the 1920’s to the rise of Brickell Avenue as an international banking hub, a legacy is drawn that understands high-rise not only as a building phenomenon, but as a vivid expression of the local city culture.

The exhibition consists of three parts:

  • an illustration of Miami’s major high-rise typologies, through an explicative timeline, seven custom- made physical models of historic towers and ten contemporary project presentations

  • an overview of new technologies that will affect the future of high-rise construction (displayed in video format)

  • a digital presentation of built and unbuilt work by faculty members of the UM School of Architecture and Florida International University (displayed on screens) 

An interactive Experience

Through the collaboration with RAD-UM, the University of Miami School of Architecture’s high-tech innovation lab, visitors will be able to experience the high-rise phenomenon and its spatial implications through a variety of custom-made and custom-programmed devices, including Augmented Reality, sensorial technologies and internet-based mapping applications.

Networking opportunities

In addition to the exhibition, a multitude of events, site visits and lectures will be organized, instigating a fruitful debate and dialogue about the present and future of high rise construction in Miami and elsewhere.