Brunkeberg was invited to present and participate at this year’s Skanska Facade Days 2017 in Prague with the theme "Facades Now and in the Future" where innovations and the future of unitised curtain wall facades took up a big part of the agenda.

Topics of importance were:

  • to comply with ever more strict building codes,
  • designs with larger glass units
  • new materials in facades design
  • installation methods.

It was very interesting and informative to take part in Skanska's in-house facade expert discussions. We all see the need to promote innovation in the generally conservative construction industry.

Participants from 6 different European countries confirmed that curtain wall installation methods varies not only between continents but also between close by countries. Interestingly each market believes their installation method is the most efficient way possible. 

Skanska’s internal workshop like this is a big step forward to sharing experience and know-how within companies, but also to creating professional network for discussions across markets.


Contact us to know more, Henrik Andersson and Henrik Ljungdahl

Saverio Pasetto, Facade Technichal Director, Skanska UK

Saverio Pasetto, Facade Technichal Director, Skanska UK

Skanska Facade Days 2017 Prague
Skanska Facade Days 2017 IMG_5335.JPG
Skanska Facade Days 2017 Worshop