The Brunkeberg® Curtain Wall system is designed and manufactured by Lindner Group, and extensively tested by the institute of Rosenheim in Germany according to European standards. First tests were conducted on a three story high external rig to rigorously test functionality in a range of climatic conditions. Subsequent tests were performed on a rig to verify structural deflections, security, acoustics, air tightness and water tightness.

  • Air tightness: up to 600 Pa - class A4 according EN 12152.
  • Water tightness: up to 600 Pa - Class R7 according EN 12154.
  • Resistance to wind load for wind pressure - 1550 Pa serviceability and 2325 Pa safety
  • Resistance to wind load for wind suction - 2030 Pa serviceability and 3045 Pa safety
Brunkeberg Tests