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Mr Dietmar Woelfert

Façade engineering expert with extensive experience in customized facade design on several international projects.

Head of system design Schmidlin AG  before 1998 when he cofounded and managed Clad Design Engineering AG (Basel, Switzerland) as part of the Permasteelisa Group. In 2004 he cofounded CladEngineering GmbH as a fully independent Swiss façade engineering company. Mr. Woelfert has been involved since early stages with Brunkeberg System development.


M Joop Mul

Owner/Director ATB consult

B. Sc. Engineering and Organisation Utrecht NL Kloetinge the Netherlands Mr. M. Joop Mul started in the General Contractors' world, 30 years ago  specializing  in architectural components, especially the envelope of tall buildings in- outside  Europe  from pre tender stage up to  execution and maintenance of those projects. Most of his carrier his been working for and with Besix. 

He took part in research projects on the field of technical and logistical matters.

Always with interest for innovation of new materials and finding the right way to introduce the invention into the enquiry for execution. 

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Manwen Xiong

Founder of Conn WE AB which is an exclusive China advisor to a number of deep-tech companies in the Nordics, like the most funded solar energy company in the world during the last 5 years. 
• Founder of Nordic China Healthcare Solutions, which was initiated by Swecare Foundation and supported by Vinnova 
• Vice President at Robotics Care AB with responsibility of sales and fund raising
• Previously 15 years experience in business development with focus on China at large corporations like Ericsson and startups in Sweden 
• Unique know-how in international expansion, finance and cross-culture understanding 
• Master of Science - Stockholm School of Economics

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Byeonghee yun

Byeonghee is a chartered facade engineer with an extensive background in designing facades and windows, fabrication, construction, structural glass as well as environmental engineering. In 2003, he obtained the MSc in Facade Engineering at the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology, the industry leading research centre at the University of Bath, where he carried out out a master’s thesis on compact double skin facade for tall buildings.

With over 17 years industry experience, he worked on a various scale of facade R&D projects as a leader and involved a large scale of high rise and mega development projects and locations worldwide including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, India, China, Russia, Hong Kong and Korea. Through the combination of research and project working experience with clients, he has an understanding of client objectives and needs.

Byeonghee joined BuroHappold Engineering in early 2014, with a particular focus on integrated facade engineering and technologies, he provides precise engineering solutions of designing iconic claddings and tall building facades.

Currently, he is responsible for the direction of the Hong Kong Facade Team, covering Hong Kong clients as well as Asia business.

Professor Martin Rudberg, Ph.D., M.Sc.

Martin Rudberg

Holding the L E Lundberg Chair in Construction Management and Logistics, professor Rudberg leads the construction logistics group at the Department of Science and Technology, at Linköping University in Sweden. He has conducted research and education within the construction sector for the past 10 years and his current research interests reside within the areas of supply chain planning, production strategy and supply chain management in construction, with a special interest in industrialized methods to improve productivity and sustainability of construction management. 

Professor Rudberg received an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management, and a PhD in Production Economics, both from Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden. Previously he has been managing research projects on operations strategy, operations management and logistics management in a variety of different industry sectors, including the process industries, manufacturing, retail and electronics. He is frequently invited to share his knowledge at both scientific and industry conferences, publishes his research regularly in leading journals, and he collaborates with researcher globally, including the University of Sydney in Australia, Cardiff University in Wales, UK, Polytechnico di Milano in Italy, Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 



As a co-founder of Brunkeberg in 2006, Mathias has built a global network of architects, builders and facade contractors for Brunkeberg in Asia, North America and Europe. Mathias has managed Brunkebergs IPR portfolio and innovation process, international development partnerships, as well as being in charge of Brunkebergs first reference project in 2014.

Mathias is currently assisting Brunkeberg as a consultant for special projects, relations and knowledge transfer. Mathias and Henrik Falk Received the nomination for CTBUH Innovation of the year 2016 in Chicago. CTBUH is the leading community for global high rise development and Mathias has been a member since 2013.